RIDE Revolution RE32

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Product Specifications:
Pre-Mounted Tires Set for 1/10 Touring Car

  • This tire is made of our new compound called « Re Series Tire » for 1/10 Touring Car. It is a pre-mount tire with inner mold C30 on a dish wheel.
  • There are 4 types of tire compound you can choose from according to the track temperature and conditions. Even when the tires normally wear down, they will keep a very constant level of grip until they literally burst. Due to this extra long life, changing for new tires after every race is no longer required.
  • Our Re Series tire plans to pass several validations for Controlled Tire races worldwide and as it is pre-mounted with wheel stamped with item number, the molded inner cannot be changed. Resulting on equal conditions for every racer.
  • World Champions like Atsushi Hara and Andy Moore supervised the development of this revolutionary tire.