FANTOM 5500mAh Comp 2s (b)

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70C-140C, 5500mAh, 7.4v, 2-cell COMPETITION SERIES LiPo - 5mm Bullet Connector

Developed for the weekend racer seeking a high-performance battery that won't break the bank, our COMPETITION SERIESbatteries are just the ticket for high-level club racing!

Produced with premium grade materials (most from Japan) and with the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, most companies would call this a Professional Grade battery...we just call it a great battery at a great price!

Specs & Features...


  • Capacity: 5500mAh
  • 40.70Wh
  • Voltage: 2-Cell (2S), 7.4V
  • C-Rate: 70C (Continuous) - 140C (Burst)
  • Dimensions: (L) 139mm x (W) 47mm x (H) 25mm
  • Weight: 255 grams
  • Connector Type: 5mm Bullet
  • Balance Connector: 2mm Bullet


  • Simply the best competition level battery you can buy in its class!
  • Exceptional quality, performance and value!
  • Manufactured by the most advanced R/C LiPo battery manufacturer in the world, utilizing state-of-the-art chemistry and manufacturing techniques!
  • Produced with premium Japanese materials!
  • Available in all popular configurations!
  • 5mm High-Amp Bullet Connectors.
  • Includes 5mm to 4mm bullet reducer, so that you can use either 4mm or 5mm connectors from your ESC (see photo).
  • Includes detailed instruction sheet