" Good News"

" Good News"

Good News!!


We have had a new shipment of WTF fans arrive this week, 

all the "FAN" favorites are back in stock.

Windy, 40MM, 30MM, 30MM ESC & 25MM ESC


New Into Store this week, the very much anticipated FR-10 Pro ESC from Fantom, this 160amp ESC on paper looks to be a beauty.. keep an eye out for our review coming shortly!



We have underway pre orders for Mon-Tech Body Shells, New Items to check out are the following,

Racer Pre Cut Body Shell (Xray T4)

Pro12 GT3

Xray XB2

Yokomo YZ2

Buggy Wing Combo's

Racer Hard Rear Wing Set

F1 2018

We will be placing our order with MonTech this coming Friday, If you wish to secure product, please pre order, either with M Branz or one of our Stockiest

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