Fantom Racing Graphene Lipos

Fantom Racing Graphene Lipos

Want Better Run Times,

Heard the Craze of 3.8V per cell lipos all over the rest of the world, wanting more power, lighter packs, faster charge rates, and more importantly, more power!!!!


Well Fantom have done it again,, Not only are they offering the new craze of 3.8V per cell Packs, but they also have standard Graphene Packs for 3.7V per cell packs, so New Zealand, we have the latest Lipo technology available and legal for all NZRCA sanctioned events.


What you get from these new packs is more constant power over a longer run time, light pack weight, bigger discharge values, Did we mention power?? and all withing the current rules for racing in NZ,  So for those who are power hunger, this means a reduced chance of puffing your packs from high amp draw!!!


Read this little blurb from the interweb about graphene!


Then jump across to our web page, and pre order your packs now,


Closing date for this Pre Order is 09/03/2018 5PM


These packs are just what the doctor has ordered for Stock racing in both on road and off road,, Mod guys dont worry, we have you covered also, along with the pan car guys and girls as well.


And Im pretty sure reading through the RC Stockcar ruling these bad boys will meet the regs for those classes.


Remember Pre Order close 09/03/2018 5PM sharp,


As an added bonus use code "GRAPHENE" for free NZ shipping at checkout.


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