Canterbury Cobras win with Fantom Power!!

Canterbury Cobras win with Fantom Power!!

For those who Live in NZ Stockcar racing is somewhat different to what our international cousins are use to seeing,

Stockcars are a scale miniature form of RC relating to real Stockcar (or Speedway) that races on dirt ovals during our Southern Hemisphere summertime.

In the full size Speedway we have two different codes, Stockcars, which a heavy steel cars that make full contact,, and the more traditional Speedway of Sprint Cars Midgets and Late models (they are call Saloons here)


In the world of RC Stack Cars are the mainstay of our Speedway, with Sprint cars none existent currently and Saloons a very poor cousin to the Stockcars. 


One of the cool things with RC Stockcars is , these little cars, which can weight up to 4.5 kgs  (almost 10 lbs) are full contact, yep that's right full contact, up to 15 cars running around a scale oval with heavy duty fence inside and out to keep the cars close and carnage high.


During a typical season there are always national titles, and this weekend just gone it was the turn of the Super Stockcar Teams championships, 


Please read belwo the report from Simon McQuarters about his teams efforts.


The Canterbury Cobras were formed in 2016 to have a crack at one of the most competitive and hard fought events in RC Speedway - The New Zeland Superstock Teams Championship. Our first attempt was in 2016 and we finished 6th overall. In 2017 we competed with the same lineup of drivers and having learnt a few lessons from our first attempt we managed to finish 3rd overall. For the 2018 event the team remained the same however with the introduction of 17.5 brushless motors into the rule book we did some serious investigation into which brand of motor would be able to handle the knocks of full contact racing. After trialling a few brands of motors we found that some of the higher end motor cans werent up to taking the hits. We got in contact with Darryl from Mbranz who put us onto the Fantom FR1 17.5. We had 17 teams races over the 2 days and we managed to win 15 of those races and win the 2018 NZ Superstock teams champs. The Fantom motors performed well all weekend, they never overheated, always came off the track cool, they kept their pace all weekend which is quite amazing given the weight of the cars is around 4.2kg. We never had an issue of the motor can crushing or endbell coming loose which was an issue we struck with the other brand motors we had tried. We will definitly be using Fantom motors from now on.


For Images and more information regarding RC Stockcars please follow this link

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